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The Differences Of Three Commercial Lockers Materials

Commercial lockers are very popular solution for storing belongings safely and easily. Available in different styles for different applications including schools, offices and gyms. Whatever you want, when you are buying lockers, you should take the following elements into your consideration. The differences between commercial lockers materials of lockers and how to recognize them. Before you planing locker size and locker styles, there are many factors needs to be considered. And that is extremely important for lockers and storage of your facility.



Wood made lockers are widely used for many high end equipment. Nothing could beat the aesthetic of wood lockers. This materials is popular for centuries and until now, they are still popular in modern time. But, when talking about commercial lockers materials, wood doesn’t rank high. That’s because there are some disadvantages wood lockers have which cannot be avoid. As storage commercial lockers, wood material is porous, which is the biggest problem. That means wood will also absorb smells. These odors can compound and create an unwelcome situation not only within a locker, but also a room or corridor. The porosity of the wood speaks of its organic nature and its ability to contribute as a food source for the growth of mold.

Wood lockers also requires repainting and refinishing after a period time of using. They share some durability issues with painted metal, but compared to metal lockers, lack of strength making wood lockers a are easier to meet impact issues than metal. It is not doubt that wood has its classic appearance, but unfortunately, the durability of artifact materials are better than solid wood. Wood may be chip, or even worse, it will absorb water.


Metal lockers


Metal lockers are common in school hallway and fitness changing room, it is also a common choice of commercial lockers materials. As they are in standard production, they are low cost. Although, metal locker looks pretty durable, but it will definitely bend after using. They are also easy to be dent and get damage as well. Once the surface finish gets damage, metal are out of protection which leads to further damage, like rust or scrap for example. If exterior side of lockers gets damage, it will cause safety and appearance issues. It could also be an important issue on the interior side of lockers, especially when you place wet stuff on the bottom. Rust will result to whole locker unit to be replaced.

Despite of the limitation of durability, metal lockers are also facing the problem of keeping clean and attractive. Painted metal are in low resistance to graffiti and stains. Neither of the two situations are easy to deal with. In some situation, wiping graffiti and stains are impossible, the only solution is repaint lockers.


Jialifu HPL compact laminate board

HPL compact laminate board can make sure of the safety and stress. These locker can also stop the water from permeation, fire from burn and bacteria from affection. Compared with other traditional lockers like metal and wood lockers, Jialifu HPL lockers overcome the shortage of them. HPL lockers have many remarkable characteristics with original structure and elegant appearance as  commercial lockers materials. It is the superior locker which can meet all your needs.

Jialifu commercial lockers are made to fit in different environment requirements no matter wet or dry, with features of high density and firmness, suitable for both commercial and industrial needs. Lockers with ventilation not only can keep outer panels dry, but also can keep inner room clean. Besides we will assemble hook on the side panels for other applications. We could provide digital print and engraving pattern customization as need, making your lockers look like an artwork.

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