[basel_title style=”cross” title=”ABOUT JIALIFU”]

Since established in 2001, Jialifu has focused on research, design, produce and vendition of compact laminate products. Approved by ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, CE, SGS, Intertek, our company specializes in toilet partitions, lockers, counter tops, wall cladding, compact laminate panels, honeycomb panels, PVC panels and other patio furniture.

Equipped with an professional design team, as well as multiple national invention patents, Jialifu achieved production of intelligence, datamation and refinement through introducing advanced production machines, including PUR composite panel production, automatic router production, automatic edge bonding machine, intelligent cutting machine.

Backed by a highly experienced, fully trained installation team, we can offer 24-hours after-sale service for all the sold products with professional installation guide. “The spirit of craftsmen” is the faith that we’ll always stick to.

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[basel_timeline line_color=”#58c985″ dots_color=”#158c4c”][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”1245″ color_bg=”#158c4c”]2001

Our Brand was established in NO.12, Fuquan Street, Shixi Village Haizhu District, and mainly engaged in toilet partitions and related products.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”390″ position=”right” color_bg=”#158c4c”]2005

We register our trademark “JIALIFU”.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”1242″ color_bg=”#158c4c”]2006

Locker series products was added as the new line and correspondingly, the new CNC production line was purchased[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”404″ position=”right” color_bg=”#158c4c”]2008

Our plant was relocated, and meanwhile the increased production capacities spurred on the export business.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”394″ color_bg=”#158c4c”]2010

Jialifu was awarded as chosen displaying company participates the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”388″ position=”right” color_bg=”#158c4c”]2011

Jialifu passed ISO9001 certification in 2011, and we were honored
as an official example company of China Suppliers Business Credit
System. Jialifu was aired on CCTV’S top 3 channels including
CCTV-1,CCTV-4,CCTV-News[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”1247″ color_bg=”#158c4c”]2012

We passed ISO14001 Certification and our plant was relocated again to Industrial 3rd Road, Guankeng Village, Dashi Street Panyu District,Guangzhou city.At the same time,we imported international advanced production equipment which tripled our annual production[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”389″ position=”right” color_bg=”#158c4c”]2013

We were honored as Outstanding Enterprise of Guangdong
Construction Material Area(GDCMA) by the Professional
Association of the business.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”398″ color_bg=”#158c4c”]2014

We renamed as Guangdong Yuhua Building Materials Co.,Ltd.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”387″ position=”right” color_bg=”#158c4c”]2015

We have been independently developing our new product Compact Laminate Honeycomb Panel along with the completion of the production line for an annul output of 110000 square meters.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”1244″ color_bg=”#158c4c”]2017

We passed SGS and CE certifications and moved to new office
building in Vtrek Innovation Industry Park.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item image_secondary=”391″ position=”right” color_bg=”#158c4c”]2018

We passed the intellectual property management system certification as well as OHSAS18001:2007, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 certification.[/basel_timeline_item][/basel_timeline]