6 Tier Lockers Different Tier

1 to 6 Tier Lockers, Which One Should You Choose?

From 1 tier lockers to 6 tier lockers, their are so many locker type we can choose, but which type is the best for your facilities? Let’s get to know these lockers.

Single Tier Lockers

Single tier lockers offers maximum space enough for cloth hanging, trinkets and other belongings storage. And so that they are one of the most common style. Most of the single tier lockers has a coat rod as they have enough height to store clothes as possible from shirts to overcoat. This style lockers is welcomed in gym, fitness and stadium.


Double Tier Lockers (2-Tier Lockers)

Double tier lockers, or we could call it 2-tier lockers, offers less space than single tier. But it still has enough space for light wear and personal belongings storage. This style lockers is widely used in schools and hospitals while there are high traffic and large storage requirements. As for

Triple Tier Lockers and More Tiers (3-Tier to 6 tier Lockers)

Lockers for more than 3 floors are mainly for small belongings and gears storage. These lockers are usually designed for staff lockers and industrial lockers. Lockers over 6 tiers are rare, that’s because the minimum size of each blocks are mainly depended by the size of lock you choose. Height of each block for 6 tier lockers is usually about 300 mm. That’s the minimum installation size of keyless lockers such as padlock and digital lock.


Cube (Multi-Tier Locker)

For some special use, people may consider lockers without doors, so that will make a locker provides as much blocks as possible. Multi-tier locker without doors can be regarded as a shelf. It is mainly for commercial use like key manage, and pad manage.


Z Tier Lockers

Z tier lockers is the most common style for staff lockers and changing lockers. You can regard it as a unique style of double tier lockers. but users could hang larger cloth in Z lockers than common one. That’s because the “S” shape dividers make the most use of space. Narrow side of each Z locker cube can be used for coat hang while the wide side can be used for gear and personal storage.


Jialifu offers compact laminate lockers available from 1 tier to 6 tier, as well as Z tier lockers. Standard compact laminate has a smooth surface while also available to multiple colors and finishes. And it is now becoming more and more popular than traditional metal lockers and wood lockers for commercial use. Get to know more about lockers, contact Jialifu.

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