Why Squatting Toilet are Not Welcomed by Western People?

squatting toilet western toilet

Running for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, the Japanese government have been promoting modernization for years. One of a important step of toilet modernization is to replace a high amount of old style squatting toilet with western toilet. If you have been to eastern countries like China, Japan, Korea and southeast Asia countries, you will find these squatting toilet everywhere. Most of the foreign visitors are confused of using the squat one. This great culture shock affects people’s view on eastern sanitation.


Why western people dislike squatting toilet so much? Here are some reasons.


  1. Squatting toilet is unsanitary

    how to use a squatting toilet

    how to use a squatting toilet

Size of toilet partitions is never a problem. The unsanitary impression comes from the wrong using manner. Unlike western toilet, when people are using squatting type, wrong posture will make the toilet out of control. One of the most phenomenon is that urine are usually found on floor. If cleaners are not arriving in time, messy cubicles and spilled wastes with awful smell will make everyone unpleasant. So You might see instructions teaching people how to use squat type in public bathrooms.


  1. Wrong place, wrong action leads to …

Some people also complain about the falling of belongings: when they squat, keys, cell phones and anything in your pockets will have a risk of falling on floor, or even worse, fall into the hole of squatting toilet.


  1. Hard to stand up after squat

For people used to western style, time in toilet is easy and relax. You can read books, browse news and even playing games with your cell phone. When it comes to squatting toilet, even though the condition is clean, you can the pleasant time in toilet has destined never to meet. Squatting for 5 minutes, your legs will numb, squatting for 10 minutes, you will feel it hard to stand up after finishing toilet, when you squat for over 15 minutes, every movement from stand up to walk outside the bathroom will tear you legs apart from you.


But, does squatting toilet really so backward? Is western toilet always a better choice. It is not. In our next essay, we will show the pros and cons of squatting toilet to you.