Toilet Cubicle Material

How to Choose Toilet Cubicle Materials

Toilet Cubicle is widely used for school, hospital, hotel, office, airport, gym, shopping mall and other public places. Jialifu have 6 kinds of toilet cubicle materials to suit your projects, what’s more, we can offer custom made solution if you like.

HPL Honeycomb

most Cost effective

The compact laminate board is also called HPL board, Phenolic board. It is made of multi-layer black or brown cowhide phenolic or urethane resin, double face decorative color paper that immersed in melamine resin, laminated and pressed on 150°C steel plate at high pressure (1430psi).

It is water resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning, reliable quality and durability. Especially suitable for airport, stations, hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums and other places with high traffic.

Available Thickness: 12mm-25mm

Best Waterproof choice

HPL PVC Toilet Cubicle

Jialifu HPL-PVC board is a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly material, consist of PVC polymer board and 1mm HPL veneer. With features like light texture, recyclable and non-deformation. Meanwhile, it is also proved to be moisture proof, preservative, mildew proof, fireproof, easy to clean and maintain, scratch-resistant, non-fading, which makes it widely used for toilet and shower partitions.

Available Thickness: 18mm, 27mm, 37mm

PVC Toilet Cubicle
HPL Honeycomb Toilet Cubicle

High end choice

HPL Honeycomb Toilet Cubicle

Jialifu HPL honeycomb board is composed of HPL board surface and aluminum alloy honeycomb core, and the composite of anodized aluminum profile frame. The main features of the honeycomb structure are light weight, low material consumption and high strength. The design concept is derived from the I-beam structure. The maximum height is 4.2 meters.

Available Thickness: 18mm, 27mm, 37mm, 42mm

Most modern design choice

Glass Composite Toilet Cubicle

Jialifu glass composite board is composed of aluminum hexagonal honeycomb in middle and high tempered glass at both face. sealed with anodized aluminum profile frame, and compounded by environmentally friendly adhesive. It is light weight, easy to clean, with silky texture and unique bright glass surface. it is the optimal toilet partition material for high-end sanitary partitions in star hotels, high-end office buildings, luxury clubs...

Available Thickness: 18mm, 36mm, 40mm, 42mm

Glass Composite Board Toilet Cubicle
Metal Honeycomb Toilet Cubicle

Most fire-resistant choice

Metal Honeycomb Toilet Cubicle

Jialifu EPC metal honeycomb board is built with high strength aviation honeycomb core, double sided composite stainless steel plate, hot-dip galvanized steel plate or aluminum plate. The surface of galvanized steel can be colored by electrostatic powder coating and printing with various color options and never fade. The board is durable, easy to maintain, firm, non-deformable, formaldehyde free.

Available Thickness: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm

Most durable choice

Stainless Steel Toilet Cubicle

Jialifu stainless steel toilet cubicle board is made of stainless steel surface and aluminum honeycomb core. It has excellent characteristics on light weight, environmental protection, no deformation, meanwhile, with grade A fire resistance. With various surface colors, fine texture, it is popularly used for high-demand toilets such as shopping malls, office buildings and airports.

Available Thickness: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm

PVC Toilet Cubicle
toilet cubicle design

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Jialifu toilet cubicles have rich experience in various applications in different climates in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, leading the development of new toilet partitions production and application fields.

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