Standard Locker Size Measurement

Standard Locker Size of School Lockers

School lockers are for storage and make the use of school space. So what is the standard locker size for school?


Standard Locker Size

Where does the standard size come from? Jialifu offers many size if lockers for school, and many of our buyers wandered a standard size for reference before they decide. As you know, locker is for storage, what things it stores is the decisive element of the size. Let’s see what a standard  Standard locker size are usually depends on what stuff it contains. For a locker in public places, shoes, magazines and books are most common seen. Length of shoes are usually no longer than 300 mm. A length of a magazine and book is also no longer than 300 mm.

The standard locker size for school: Height: 1900 mm*Depth: 300 mm*Width: 400 mm. If you need a larger size for more cloth storage, we also offers Height: 1900 mm*Depth: 500 mm*Width: 900 mm.


Standard Locker

Jialifu School Lockers

Jialifu also provides lockers with 1 tier to 6 tiers. Locker with less than 3 doors means it has a larger space for each blocks.

And the material for lockers is compact laminate. The thickness of this material can be customized. But in consideration of the stability, the minimum thickness of a panel is 8 mm. From economical type to reinforced type, thickness are available form 8 mm to 18 mm. Moreover, the standard color of lockers is antique white and light gray.

School lockers made by compact laminate has many excellent features, too. Waterproof, moisture proof, fire proof make compact laminate capable for most of the environment; impact resistant and corrosion resistant make compact laminate extremely durable; , easy to clean and no smell make compact laminate a maintenance friendly material.


As you have known the standard size of a school locker, it wouldn’t be too hard to choose a proper material. Apparently, locker for specific places.