Toilet Revolution in China Make A Better Toilet Condition

Toilet Revolution Xi

The concept of “toilet revolution” in China was first proposed by chairman Xi Jingping. Aiming to improve the sanitary conditions in main land, especially in tourism industry. “toilet revolution” is not a very sound phrase, but it is what all the sightseeing really need urgently. Then the range of “revolution” expanded, it was and will continuing improving the sanitary conditions of rural area and countryside.

Toilet Revolution in Tourism Industry

Chaoshan Train Station During the Toilet Revolution

Jialifu Project Chaoshan Train Station During Toilet Revolution

Looking for a toilet is not easy. Original toilet revolution is  for tourism industry and trying to fix this problem. Many departments and industries are devote themselves to provide a better sanitary experience to visitors. Transportation system including train stations, restaurants and hotels, in fact, almost all the facilities providing public bathroom system are the aim of toilet revolution.

Not only the amount and conditions has increased in the past several years, but also the design of toilet are attracting more and more attention. People also come into an common view of using environmental materials, energy saving systems and water saving products. Jialifu actively joined the revolution and made an toilet renovating project for Chaoshan Train Station in Guangdong Province.


Rural Area Toilet Condition

In 2000s, the conditions of rural area toilets were still backward. In many cities, toilet construction has not yet been incorporated into urban construction plan. If you had ever been to a Chinese countryside, you will have a general view of the low level of sanitation. Some toilets even don’t have a flushing system. In the vast rural areas especially in the northern rural areas, this kind of dry toilets are everywhere, and most of them are unqualified. The lack of sanitary result to the lack of people’s awareness. Uncivilized behaviors caused Chinese citizens to be criticized when traveling abroad.

But things changed after toilet revolution. Chinese government also published many standards and rules for rural toilet. A standard toilet must has walls surrounding it. Of course, it also has roof tops, doors and windows. The size of a toilet must be no less than 2 square meters. The toilet revolution has gradually expanding from scenic spots to the whole region, from urban to rural areas, from quantity to quality. And the result? As it masses and tourists all like it, toilet revolution will and must last for more time.