How to Find Toilet When Nature Calls

We all love holidays and vacations and here comes the summer holiday. July and August is the best time for traveling and sightseeing. Visiting and exploring new cities can be fascinating, but it could also turns to a nightmare when nature calls and there is no public restroom in sight. Unfortunately, looking for a free public restrooms in an unfamiliar place can be really hard.


Available Solutions For Toilet in Emergency

When in emergency, conditions and environments of a restroom might not be a problem. The most priority issue is to find toilet easy to access.


Find Commercial Restroom

The easiest way to find toilet accessible is to find a restaurant or mall at first. There should always be a restroom in these places. But sometimes you might find unpleasant sighs infers that their toilets are only for people purchasing their products. In May 2018, there’s a report told that two black man were arrested when asking for using toilet while not purchase anything in a Starbucks. It is a symbol, it gradually become a common view that restaurants and stores should apply their toilet to anyone even they didn’t purchase anything.


Mobile Apps for Restroom

Internet is also a powerful weapon to fight against the urge of bathroom. You could find some useful websites and apps locating available bathrooms near you. Apps like “Sit or Squat”, “Where to Wee” and “Toilet Finder” could not only help you locate the public bathroom, most of the apps also indicates the conditions of toilet and visit amount. But these apps might not covering every city, sometimes you should still rely on your own. However, it still offers a extra choice to find toilet.



In many European countries, it is hard to find a public toilet free for everyone. You need to pay extra 1 euro or 50 pence for toilet each time you use. Whatever you think, extra pay for extra service, it does improve the conditions of most toilet cubicles while keep them safe and clean.


Clean and easy access toilet will leave a better impression to and visitors. A little step improving the experience of people’s need will make a great difference. This discipline should also apply to business and industries, improving the condition of a toilets is never a small thing.