Create Restroom Privacy Partitions by Replacing Hardware

Restroom Privacy

When we travel outside, you may found gaps between door panels and partitions of bathroom stalls in America are usually a little bit wide. Public bathrooms should provide customers with clean, private and well maintained environment. Here are some product suggestions. We have some products tend to fix these problems when you are considering renovating your toilet partitions with upgrade restroom privacy.


Universal hinge

Traditional hinge sometimes leave a large gap between doors and pilasters. Using continuous hinge could cover those gaps and create a fairly flat and clear appearance. And it also provides a more stable structure than traditional one.


Door Stop Bar

Since we had deal with the hinge side of door, the next problem is to fix the gap between the open side of door panel and pilaster. Then you could place a door stop bar on pilaster made of aluminum. The quick upgrade could enhances partition privacy as gap-free style does.

There are also another two solutions on doors. Using overlapping style door or gap-free style door. Overlapping style door panel make door panels and pilasters built to overlap. But it changed the position of doors . Gap-free style doors which is designed for compact laminate make the edge of doors and pilasters cut into L shape. But using gap-free style toilet partitions means you need to replace your toilet door with a new one.


Restroom Privacy Style Toilet Partitions

Restroom Privacy Style Toilet Partitions

Continuous Brackets

Continuous brackets minimizes the strip of space on the hinge side and block the line of sight between pilaster and side panel as well as side panel and wall. It is a cost-effective aid for improving privacy you can find on market till now.


Extremely Tall Door Panel and Side Divider

Bathroom stalls could be built with tall door panels and divider panels from ceiling to floor which offers a totally privacy to users. But toilet partitions in such style may met with a cleaning trouble as there may create too much dead end.


Jialifu could provide privacy toilet partitions if you need. We also get some interesting ideas on bathroom partition system such LED indicator restroom partition. Contact us for more information!