European American Style

European Style Toilet Partitions vs. American Style Toilet Partitions

Culture and history make things different between two regions. Just like Europe and North America, things like food, music, culture, and even the style of toilet are different. When Jialifu is making toilet partition projects for these two area, we found interesting facts between European style toilet partitions and American style.

Partitions and Urinals

You can recognize an European style toilet partitions from American style in an easy prospect. Toilet partitions in European offers more privacy than American style. As an America style partition often found to have too large gaps, there are gaps between doors and pilasters, and gaps between stall panels and floor. For that, you could see feet and even legs in the cubicle next to you. All those gaps usually make Europeans, or someone who is familiar with European style feel like a tolerance.

On the contrary, European style urinals hardly gain partitions. Only few of them has stalls between each sets. While in America, urinal partitions are almost everywhere.

Cost of Using Public Toilet

Whatever the inside condition is, most of the public toilet are private owned, so you could hardly find a free restroom to answer the call of nature. Even though there appears more and more portable or smart toilet on Europe street, but those toilet are usually lack of maintenance. So when you are preparing to travel around Europe, prepare some change for toilet. The average cost of public toilet is about 1€.

People in America are lucky, most public toilet are free to use. Only few of toilets in restaurants require people to consume first.

Flushing and Water

The amount of water flushed in European toilet is less than American style. You could say that people in Europe have the habit of  saving water while Americans are not. But a more realistic explanation is that the water pressure in Europe in lower than American. Whatever the reason is, it is a common view that we should save water. So, since 2006, low-flow toilet are increasing all over the world.

Squatting ToiletSquatting European Style Toilet Partitions

Squatting toilet are common in Asia, and the posture people when using squatting toilet is usually called “Asia squat”. But you could still find squatting toilet in Eastern Europe especially in Slavic countries. So this kind of squatting posture also gets another name, “Slavs squat”.

You can hardly find this kind of toilet in western Europe and North America. According to a research, most people in these country cannot make a “Asia squat” or “Slavs squat” for physiological structure reason.


Although there are many differences between European style toilet partitions and American style. But the differences are gradually coming less and less like regular toilet size. Most of new restroom stalls or old restroom partitions renovated are installed with less gaps as possible according to the projects Jialifu has made these years.