Things to Consider When Renovating Lockers

Renovating Lockers

There are much to be consided when renovating lockers. And what your lockers renovation conclude depends on the needs of your facility.


Choose Strong Locker Material

Metal and laminate are tow of the most common material for commercial lockers. Metal lockers are strong and that’s why they are son popular in schools and universities. Among all laminate materials available for lockers on the market, if possible, we always lean towards HPL compact laminate board as opposed to other kind of material. Jialifu compact laminate board are also called HPL solid phenolic board, which is made of decorative colored paper that contains phenolic formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resin up. Then, using steel plate or suppress on the state 150 Celsius degree 1430 psi.


Go for Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is another way to save cost. For metal lockers, extra painting and rust-resistance coat are necessary. To enlarge the lifespan of a metal locker, you have to refresh the coat regularly. Laminate lockers will also have to face the problem of absorbing water. But the good news is, the more denser a laminate material is, the better water-resistance it will perform.  Excessive maintenance on changing room is never easy. Steel lockers tend to need fresh coats of paint throughout their lifespan. That would be costly if you wish to use for a long time.

Excessive maintenance on your changing room could be a hard task. Whether you’ve to tighten the screws, adjust the hardware, or paint over graffiti regularly, you’ll notice that the costs and the man hours go up. Choosing a reliable material that can help you reduce your maintenance costs will not only save you money, but the materials will essentially pay for themselves after a few years.


Locker Style and Elements

Personalized and welcoming design is getting important. To create a warm and positive  environment in changing room. It could coorperate with some special design and color in changing room lockers. We could provide digital print and engraving pattern customization as need, making your lockers look like an artwork.


In Summary

Renovating lockers is indeed a time-consuming task but the results would be worth the efforts. If the school lockers are causing more harm than good then it is a clear indication for a replacement. Put down your needs and requirements and accordingly choose the best school locker for your students.

At Jialifu we have been designing lockers for over 17 years. Stylish, flexible and hard-working, these tried and tested products fit effortlessly into any washroom environment, whether it is a leisure centre or a school. We can also supply bench seating and cubicles to complete your changing room design.

Jialifu, a locker manufacturer, concentrated on HPL lockers for 16 years, offering free room design, free 3D pictures and installation support of the lockers. The locker material–HPL panel makes sure of the safety and stress bearing of the locker, which is water & fire & impact resistant, passing Intertek, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, SGS, CE. Besides, the locker inside is equipped with the clothes rail for hanging the clothes. In addition, layered structure is designed for setting the shoes. We can offer the customized sports lockers.