Jialifu Old Restroom Partitions Renovation Solution

It is necessary to make restroom partitions renovation. Restroom situation often declaim the professional and attitude of building owners especially for someplace high traffic such as shopping malls and restaurants. A old restroom partitions infers that the owner must never pay attention to customers’ feeling. Never let your restroom frighten your customers off.

With well maintenance, most type of restroom partitions can be used for a long time. But even you keep your restroom as their original appearance, the old fashion will still make people uncomfortable when using. Have you ever been to this restroom? There are only high and thick walls made of bricks and covered with ceramic tiles. It is far from modern toilet partitions, how to renovate this type of toilet partitions?

Cost is always an important element that cannot be neglected. Crush all those walls seemed to be a solution but obviously, the cost will be high. Jialifu provides two solutions for this situation. Both of the two solutions keep the original partitions.

Solution 1

This solution had been applied in our renovation project for Egypt Foods office building in Carol, Egypt and Emporium Mall in Lahore, Pakistan. Keep original walls and add additional dividers, pilasters and door panels, giving it a similar appearance of modern toilet partitions. And more importantly, as every cubicles are covered by partition panels. The appearance of toilet partitions can be changed by colors, textures and patents of toilet partitions.

Solution 2

We named it as alcove partitions. This design also keep original walls, but different from the former solution, it is in needless of additional pilasters and divider panels. Corner fasteners and hinges are directly fixed on origin walls. Compared to the former solution, it cost less, but just as you can see, this type has requirement of origin walls. Only partition door cannot make a full use of decoration, and it requires the toilet partitions to have enough space after alcove partitions are installed.

After you finished the renovation, make sure to keep it clean. Take care of your partitions. countertops, sinks, floors and toilets. A clean and modern toilet is the key to keep your customers happy.