Egypt Foods Company Building

Toilet Renovation Project for Egypt Foods Building

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Egypt Foods is a snack manufacturing company since 1999. Majors in chip products, it started with a small production capacity and progressively enhanced its production capacity over the years and the company has managed to establish itself as a market leader in Egypt. After about 10 years using, they were in need of replacing toilet facilities for their office building. And toilet partitions is the first prior in this toilet renovation project.


Toilet renovation project is never a easy task especially for an aged building. All elements should be considered with the field condition and toilet partition drawings received from the project manager. Different from modern toilet partitions we usually met, the origin toilets of Egypt Foods buildings was made of several divider walls. The project manager wanted to keep the origin divider walls and use the new toilet partitions to create a modern appearance. To meet the requirement, here is the solution for the toilet renovation, we  use compact laminate door panels and pilasters to cover up the origin divider walls and keep it with its function.

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Roseate Oak (7006)


18 mm HPL panel


Aluminum base & 304 stainless steel


Height: 2240 mm (70 mm shoe box)

Width: 1860 mm

Door: 650 mm*2095 mm

Toilet Renovation Project for Egypt Foods
HPL Toilet Toilet Partitions for Egypt Foods