Toilet Cubicle Size for Regular Multi-Stall Restroom

Drawings and Dimensions

Knowing the toilet cubicle size is the first thing we should do before we purchase. When we are looking for suppliers on website, we are easily to find that some manufacturers provides ready made toilet cubicles while others provides customized toilet cubicles. If you are in a hurry or need to renovate the old toilet cubicles immediately, choosing read made toilet cubicle is OK. But in consideration of the restroom appearance and to reduce the difficulty of installation as possible, get a customized toilet cubicle is usually the best. How can we measure the toilet cubicle size by ourselves? And how to estimate the number of cubicles you need? Here are some tips.


1. How to Measure the Toilet Cubicle


For customized toilet cubicle manufacturer, you don’t need to provide a drawing for toilet cubicles. Providing your dimension of the length, depth and height of restroom and required number of the cubicle room is enough. Designers will provide drawings according to the minimum size if there’s no specifications. But there’s a common view that western sitting toilet usually takes larger space than eastern squatting toilet. And as a result, the standard size for these two kinds of toilet cubicles would be a little different.



  • The height of a toilet cubicle is not stable in different size of restrooms and different design styles. So the height of toilet cubicle is not included in consideration.
  • Size of multi-stall room and single room is also different,too. So here we only discuss about the restroom with multiple toilet cubicles.


toilet cubicle size elevationtoilet cubicle size plantoilet cubicle size side


2. Standard toilet cubicle size for western

Western toilet size including water closets, lavatories and bidets. They are all for sitting, so here we regard all of these stuffs as toilet. The minimum of a toilet cubicle width is 30 inches (760 mm). Water closets, urinals, lavatories and bidets. The length between cubicle door panel and toilet is at least 21 inches (533 mm). As a result, the depth shall be more than 60 inches (1525 mm).

In a word,the minimum size for each standard western sitting toilet cubicle is:

760 mm width * 1525 mm depth


3. Standard toilet cubicle size for eastern

For eastern squatting toilet, the depth would be a little different while squatting toilet takes less space than sitting one. It is usually 1200 mm. The minimum width for a toilet cubicle is 900 mm.


Simply put, the minimum size for each standard eastern squatting toilet cubicle is:

900 mm width * 1200mm depth


4. Accessible toilet cubicle size

In many country, an accessible toilet cubicle, or ambulant toilet cubicle are required in multi-stall restroom. So, knowing the standard size is also necessary when you are planing one.

Accessible toilet cubicle is for wheelchair and people disabled. Accessible toilet cubicle size is bigger than standard toilet cubicle because of the wheelchair and handicaps. That’s for providing an enough space for wheelchair to turn around and move. But different country has different regulations and different standards. The following size is provided by ADA. The Americans with Disabilities Act is the most comprehensive document we could refer to.

According to the ADA documents, the minimum width of a handicap bathroom stall is 60 inches (about 1525 mm). The toilet is in one side of the cubicle 18 inches (455 mm) from the side wall and diagonal to the door. And the door side should be a clear space. As for the depth, it’s 56 inches (1420 mm) for wall mounted toilet and 59 inches (1500 mm) for floor mounted toilet. The height of handicap bathroom stall can be same with standard bathroom stalls to create a unified view.


So the standard size of an accessible toilet cubicle:

1525 mm width * 1420 mm to 1500 mm depth


Standard size is only a reference for your restroom stall. Drawing according to real size is always the best choice.  As for height of standard restroom, you can find in our article, design styles of toilet partitions. Then we can choose materials of toilet cubicles.