hpl table top

Why HPL Table are Popular? Here are the Reasons

More and more restaurants and office cafeterias are considering buying HPL table for their dining space. As we all know that there are many kind of materials available for dining tables, why does HPL tables become a common choice of commercial place?


Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the top reason people choose laminate table is that they are easy to maintain. A simple wipe could clean the grime surface our of stains. That’s the reason HPL table are popular among commercial places. They are also favored in office cafeterias. In lunch or dinner time, if there are too many people in a single cafeteria, staffs may not have enough time to clean the tables and furniture. Thus choosing table tops which is easy to clean are becoming necessary.



Most restaurants, kitchens and cafeterias wish their dining tables and seats are durable, so that they don’t need to replace them too often. HPL table tops is very durable to be a choice of dining tables. That’s why they are always a popular choice among these facilities. Composite materials and finished surfaces make them easy to clean. As this material is in high dense, it would be hard for water and soap to seep through. Tough raw material is also a reason, karft paper is moisture proof, and is also one of the most strong paper in the world. Just wipe the surface lightly, you could keep a HPL table clean and clear.


HPL table is Suitable for Every Dining Room

HPL table many different types, colors and size. Available in various colors, hues and textures, HPL table make sure that you can decorate your dining space as you wish. They are also available in various size. That means you can decorate your space with specific size and colors you want. All these features make it possible to match different tables in different style from wood, granite tables to bar, booth tables.


HPL is Cost-Effective

Far from expensive, HPL tale is one of the most economical choice. As they are so durable for the price, their value is unmatched. Ans that’s why they are so popular and welcomed by classic table tops. As a restaurant owner, you could choose some granite table, and then buy some granite grain HPL table to finish your restaurant layout. That could be a considerable way to save cost.


HPL table provides many convenience when preparing commercial dining place. But before you decide, think twice if HPL table is the answer you need.