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Let’s Get to Know the Material of Restaurant Table Tops

There are many choices when you are considering commercial restaurant table tops. Wonder which materials is suitable for restaurant tables, get to know the durability, appearance and price of each material is important.



As one of the most important part in a restaurant, the decoration feature of restaurant is no doubt assignable. What ever cheap restaurant tables you use to furnish or high quality tables, you should consider with care and precision. Are they match with the design and aesthetics of your restaurant? If you want to create a ambiance to attract people and make a pleasant dining environment, the decoration feature of restaurant table tops cannot be ignored.



Compared with home dining table, commercial restaurant table is a wise choice for your restaurant furnishing. They are usually made with high quality materials. And thus restaurant tables are able to stand with high traffic and heavy usage in strict environments. As an owner of a restaurant, what is the last thing want to do? Replacing furniture, of course.


Materials Of Restaurant Table Tops

Different materials offers different decoration features. Granite restaurant table tops make your dining area steady and sedate; laminate table tops offer extra casual and pleasant; wood dining tables brings your restaurant with warm and kind. Combined with the design of your restaurant, choose a suitable material wisely.



Usually, granite restaurant table tops is the best choice as they can increasing extra value to your facility. It is also sanitary as you can be no worrying about the bacterial on tale tops. In addition, granite table tops offers a bright look. They are also heatproof as you can find some restaurant make granite an outdoor table top material for barbecue. But granite is too heavy as table tops. They are hard to be removed and fixed once they get damaged. As a result, when you are considering renovate your restaurant, replacing these granite table tops will cost you a lot.



Wood is another traditional material for restaurant table tops. But unfortunately, with the granite tables and laminate tables are becoming more and more popular, wood tables are getting losing there position in commercial restaurant table industry. What’s more, many people believe that wood are easy to soil, and many wood materials contains virus and bacterial. But in fact, most wood material used for dining tables are bacteria resistant. They even performs better than plastic table tops. Wood tables are typically oak, maple, cherry and walnut. Price of wood tables usually depends to the manufacturing and raw materials, but they are still cheaper than granite table tops.



Laminate is one of the most popular material for table tops. With a lower price than granite and wood, laminate tables are durable that could survive in high traffic environment for years. Impregnated with pheonlic resin and melamine resin, laminate tables are also bacteria resistant which make it an excellent choice for tables. Price of laminate is mainly effected by the color, pattern and texture. Various colors and finishes make the decoration more easier for your restaurant.