Nursery Toilet Cubicles

Kids Toilet Partitions Project for YMCA of Hong Kong

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Yellow(1169) for body and Blue(1015) for the octopus(one side) design,

pink(1031) and orange(1025)+blue(1015) for body,the octopus(both side) design is parrot green(1305)



12 mm compact laminate panel


Stainless steel hardware and aluminum profile



Height: 1000 mm Depth: 900 mm
Weight: 600 mm +Depth: 400 mm*Height: 950 mm

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The YMCA of Hong Kong is an social and charity institution in Hong Kong since 1901. It operates several major facilities including two kindergartens to support young children. Toilets needs to fit the requirement of young children. YMCA is also a nonprofit organization, maximize its resources is an always task. If YMCA could save more budget on planning kids toilet partitions, they use it for more educational programmings.


Since the majority of kindergarten members are young children, keep toilet cleanliness is always a top priority and often a challenge. As toilet are usually in humid condition and children may playing and chasing. Keep good ventilation, waterproof and less sharp edges is the prior of the nursery toilet partitions design.


Jialifu kids toilet partitions kindergarten is compact laminate partitions that combines a round edge, solid color and high strength. The round edge could prevent kids from potential injury when hit on toilet partition panels in accident. Solid color made by laminate decor paper instead of paint ensures a low VOC emission of every unit. Black lines on stall panels are formed by digital engraving. That keeps the toilet more environmental friendly and chemical harm.


Compact laminate material is always in high cost-effective, well appearance and sustainable. Thus standard toilet partitions always use compact laminate as raw material. Its special construction process make it waterproof and impact resistance.

YMCA Project Drawings
YMCA Kids Urinal Partitions
YMCA Kids Toiletl Partitions