toilet cubicles price calculation

Average Toilet Cubicles Price and Factors Affect

More and more buyers come to global market and seeking for Chinese suppliers. As the world factory, Chinese suppliers usually provides products with more attractive toilet cubicles price and also good quality. Jialifu has been in toilet cubicle industry for 18 years, the produce and processing of HPL compact laminate is the most mature technique.


Toilet Cubicles Price

So what is the price of a standard toilet cubicle unit? Here we list the average cost of compact laminate toilet cubicles: (transportation fee and tax excluded)

About 300 – 400 US dollars per unit


Price of toilet cubicles is not stable, it is because that there are at least three main factors affect the cost of toilet cubicles.



There are many materials in compliance of toilet cubicles. Different materials might come into a great difference. As we have mentioned above, average price of each compact laminate toilet cubicles unit is about 250 to 350 dollars. But when you choose better material, such as stainless steel and Jialifu composite toilet partitions, the price goes higher. Apparently, higher price material offers high quality and longer service time. For example, Jialifu stainless steel material consists of stainless steel surface and aluminum honeycomb core, is lighter and stronger than standard compact laminate partitions.


Finishes and Colors

The second factor is finishes and colors. Complex finishes might make toilet cubicles price several times higher than standard product. For example, for a compact laminate toilet cubicle, standard color, antique white and light gray is usually cheaper than most colors. When it comes to color made to order, more cost and more time are required. It is a big concern for owners to create a stylish image of bathroom, some prefers complex finishes and textures on doors. Glass fibers, louvered doors, all the additional textures to toilet cubicles will make it more expensive.

Engraving Toilet Cubicles
Flat Surface Toilet Cubicles
Louvered Toilet Cubicles


Last but not the least, accessories also takes an important role in toilet cubicles price. More durable material usually cost more. Some company make bathroom accessories have a warranty, some are lifetime, others may offers up to 20 years. But you should keep in mind that only stainless steel accessories can have a long time warranty as they are the only type of materials than can stand years of wear. But even though, in different environment, stainless steel may still performs different. In an acid environment, stainless steel will get rust easily. That makes the daily cleaning and maintenance really matters after installation. It is same for stainless steel toilet cubicles.


Here are the 3 main factors affects toilet cubicles price. Still, the best way to know the price of a toilet cubicle is to request for a quotation. But purchasing is not ending. No matter what kind of material the bathroom stalls you prefer, or what textures or colors you choose, installation may become the last expense.