Toilet Partitions Design Style

Toilet Cubicle Height Determined by Design Style

What is the toilet cubicle height? To answer this question, we must figure out the following things:

First we should figure out what elements effects a toilet cubicle height. As long as cubicles are built by panels and accessories, the standard height of a toilet cubicle depends to the standard size of them. The standard size of a panel is usually in 6 feet ( about 1800 mm) length. Using different accessories and hardware, the height might change but will never far from it.

Here we Introduce 5 styles of toilet cubicles and their regular heights for you.


Height of Head Rail Braced Style

Head rail braced style, or you may find it called over head braced style, is the most common style you can see on market. It has a symbolic head rail on the top of whole cubicle which plays an important role in reinforcing structure and beautifying appearance. Moreover, toilet cubicle in this style are usually easier to install than others. So, what is the standard height of this style?

Except the panels, support legs and head rails effects toilet cubicle height the most. A support leg is usually 100 to 150 mm tall while a head rail is usually under 50 mm. Thus we could get to the conclusion:


Toilet cubicle height in head rail braced style is usually from 1900 mm to 2000 mm.


Height of Floor Anchored Style

This style has no head rail, floor anchored design also makes the indoor decoration more diversified, so as to receive much favor among those who like open space. In addition, the extended height of inner diaphragm combining continuous route, which greatly enhances the property of shelter of compartment. Floor anchored style has pilasters reach the floor. Sometimes pilasters has a shoe box for protection which will increase the height of toilet cubicles.

Shoe box is usually under 150 mm, so the toilet cubicle height in thisstyle is usually from 1800 mm to 2000 mm.


Toilet cubicle height for two styles below is mainly effected by the height between floors.


Height of Ceiling Hung Style

Ceiling hung style cubicle is hung on ceiling. This design style doesn’t need supporting leg, which makes it is more easy and convenient for cleaning and maintaining. Nevertheless, this design doesn’t suitable for a high ceiling, which will make the cost a bit high and weaken the stability.


The Regular height of this style is usually 2000 mm to 2400 mm.


Height of Floor to Ceiling Style

Floor to ceiling style has pilasters connecting ceiling and floor. The style of Floor-Ceiling is concise and elegant, which is a ideal selection of high-end places. The full height pilaster also make the design for a privacy toilet partition or changing room stalls available when the doors and side panels are in full height.


So the height of floor to ceiling style is the height from ceiling to floor, usually from 2400 mm to 3600 mm.