How Strong is Compact Laminate Products?

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When people are looking for materials to planing a new restroom or renovating aged restroom, compact laminate products is always a good choice. It has various of colors and finishes which could decorate your building in any way you like. But how could compact laminate be so strong?


The Durability of Compact Laminate

Compact laminate is a strong and durable laminate material. Or you might be more familiar with the decorating surface, high pressure laminate. And Formica is playing one the leading supplier of high pressure laminate board manufacturing. Compact laminate can be considered as thick high pressure laminate. You might be not sure if the strength of compact laminate is better than other materials. But it has proven itself to be one of the the most durable materials in the market.


As a perfect decorating surface material, compact laminate is no doubt of its surface durability. Impact resistance and scratch resistance, all these features make it a also a perfect choice for toilet partitions and lockers. Over time, when you are comparing compact laminate products with other materials, you could even recognize them by scratches and dents.


Installation and Maintenance

Compact laminate is easy to install. Due to the high dense through out, when you are install a toilet partition, compact laminate could hold screws, bolts and other hardware solidly.


The cost of cleaning and maintaining a compact laminate toilet partition is low. As you know that its surface is scratch and impact resistant, but have you ever image that they are also graffiti resistant? Most owners of facilities are annoyed by the graffiti and dirt on toilet stalls. Compact laminate toilet partitions could help you solve this problem once and for all. You just need some water, and a piece of cloth, then you can remove graffiti easily.


On the other hand, compact laminate supports solid color and digital paints in the same time. The color of compact laminate depends to the decorative paper chose before the panel manufactured. So you will never find color fading on compact laminate products. Not only you save money on paint, and time on the actual painting, but you will also help your air quality, the VOC emissions of is very low.


Now you have read a lot about compact laminate features on installation and maintenance. If you choose compact laminate for your toilet, you will also find out that this material is moisture proof, fire proof and anti-bacteria as well.


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