Jumpland Trampoline Park

Jump Land Trampoline Park, France

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Jump Land Trampoline is an activity park for family. You probably never been to a jump land, but you must know trampoline. It is a new kind of amusement sports good for both kids and adults.

With a complete facility including changing room, shower romm and snack area. A family could spend whole day enjoying sports. As the entrance of trampoline park, changing room must have the capability of high traffic and resistant to impact of kids. Trampoline park should be a place with air of modern and energic which is easy to clean and maintain.

That’s the reason of Philipe choose compact laminate lockers and partitions for his changing room. “We need lockers with multiple function for customer to store their clothes, bags and trinkets.” said Philippe,”And in consideration of the safety for kid and elders, pad lock or code locks should be a better choice than key locks.”

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Toilet Partition Details


black color /red color



12mm compact laminate board



304 stainless steel 88# hardware and aluminum profile



Height: 1950 mm(including 100 mm base)

Depth:1500/2680 mm

Width: 4960/2000/3270 mm

Door:700/900*1750 mm

Changing Room Locker Details


door panel 5075# (men) & 7236#(women)

other panels 1024# (men) & 1128# (women)



12 mm compact laminate board



304 stainless steel hardware




Height: 1900 mm (including 100 mm base)

Depth: 400 mm

Width: 600/1200 mm