CBD HPL Compact Laminate

Jialifu® HPL Compact Laminate at CBD Fair

Jialifu® is now participating in CBD fair at Canton Fair Complex. When you visit our booth at No.34, 5.1 hall, A area, you could see two trade marks, Jialifu® and Formica®. Thus you know that we are a distributor of Formica® laminates. CBD Fair will last until July 11th, we will wait for you at Canton Fair Complex.

HPL Compact Laminate

High pressure laminate (HPL) is famous as decorating surface. The most appliance of HPL is covering surface. For example, you can easily find HPL for furniture tops especially on flat surfaces including cabinets and tales. But different from stainless steel surface, they are highly resistance to scratches and heat.

Jialifu Innovation

Jialifu® has been focusing on researching and producing HPL compact laminate products since 2001. Not only for toilet cubicle system, laboratory tops and kitchen counter tops, we also provides HPL compact laminate lockers, chairs and benches. With a with conceptual designs, custom prints and various functions, Jialifu® HPL products are capable for almost any decoration use. New HPL compact laminate products had been successfully come into people’s view one after another.

In 2015, we have a new composite panel, HPL honeycomb panel which is mainly for toilet cubicle system. It consist of aluminum honeycomb core and HPL surfaces. Lighter and stronger than common materials on market, HPL honeycomb panel soon become a welcoming product for high-end facilities among our customers. In 2018, the LED indicator toilet cubicles came out. As traditional indicator locks are usually make people confused of if the cubicle stall is occupied, innovative LED indicator installed on head rail make it easier for users to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Any particulars could inspire our designers and engineers.

CBD Fair

Jialifu® products are now available for over 120 countries around the world. And we are still devote ourselves for better services. If you have any suggestions for us. Please contact us.

Jialifu Visitors on CBD Fair

Customers for HPL compact laminates on CBD Fair