Gyaneshwor Complex

Gyaneshwor Complex, Toilet Partitions in Nepal

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Jialifu toilet partitions Nepal projects of Gyaneshwor Complex is an office building under construction in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Some famous buildings and sightseeing are located here. They are the Germany embassy to Nepalm, Galaxy Public School, and International Primary School. As for Gyaneshwar, it is one of the central neighborhood of this city.

Gyaneshwor Complex
Gyaneshwor Complex

“Please quote me a commercial design,” the project manager, Samir Panthi is planing 5 floors of toilet partitions for his facility. As the toilet partitions is for office, Jialifu needs to ensure the toilet partitions are capable for daily use by also leave a good impression to office visitors. The most cost effective material for toilet partitions with both durable and upscale-looking is HPL-PVC composite. HPL-PVC partitions has a coffer style structure PVC core and a HPL surface. They unique design provides the panel a light weight and thousands of colors. HPL surface could also enhance the efficiency and cleanliness.

High strength, light weight, easy to maintain and various colors, that’s where Jialifu HPL-PVC composite panel so attractive.

Then our designers tried to ensure the commercial design, the best solution for commercial toilet partitions is head rail braced style among toilet partition designs. According to the engineer drawing provided by Mr. Panthi, the design drawing of toilet partitions came out quickly.

“Thank you for your patience and hard work,” said Mr. Panthi.

Jialifu treat every serve every customer heart and soul. So it is an honor that our efforts finally won our customer’s respects and appreciates. Our HPL-PVC composite toilet partition are designed to offer comfort and privacy as well as elegance, warmth and charm.

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Antique White



18 mm thickness HPL-PVC Panel



304 stainless steel #75 series



Height: 1980* Depth: 1423* Width: 2896 mm

Door : Width: 592* Height: 1700 mm

Overall Size:  Height: 1980* Width: 1423 mm

Door :  Height: 1700* Width: 592 mm