Tencent Co-Working Space Staff Lockers

Tencent Co-Working Space Staff Locker Project

Located in Citic Plaza, which is an typical office building, we provided a project for Tencent co-working space lockers. It is a office space for founders and makers.


Co-Working Space

Co-working is a style of work. It is a concept of removing the physical divisions between people. But more important, co-working space is also aim to create a space of social community. It lend working more social-intercourse which could inspires staff’s creativity by sharing workplace and values with different organizations or independent professionals. It is regarded as a solution to the problem of isolation that many freelancers experience while working at home. At the same time, it also lets them escape the distraction of home.


In Asia, co-working is popular these years especially for enterprises in creative industry and new media. And these industries is in such need of creativity just like it’s their lifeblood.

Design of Co-Working Space Lockers

Designs of co-working space is usually fulled with elements of share and creativity. You can always find interesting trinkets and various colors in these places. Goal of co-working place is usually to raise an community of creativity or at least get an attractive appearance to target group. No matter staffs or customers should benefit from such a space. When we are designing lockers for Tencent co-working space, we take these elements into our consideration.


A co-working space lockers should delivery such a message that their group is energetic and passionate. So we choose Warm hues colors because these red, orange, and yellow is the color of passion. Messed array of locker blocks is another unique feature in this design. Different from normal lockers, the combination of 1 to 3 tier and Z tier lockers transform a storage locker into a highly functional and decorative facility.


Despite of its appearance and dazzling cubes, Jialifu co-working space lockers made of durable and sustainable compact laminate, is also easy to clean and low cost in maintenance. Compact laminate lockers gets a lot of feature that you can never miss. Imagine what we can do for your working space and how we can improve your office lockers, contact Jialifu for more information.