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Aqaba Training Stadium, Jordan

About Project

The Aqaba training stadium is planned for the training of Jordan athletics, locating in the Aqaba Sports City, 12km away from the center of Aqaba. Most of the facilites in this structure is designed to Olympic standards. It will become a potential sports tourism destination in several years once it finished its building.

The project manager, Ghelab, looking for stadium locker and toilet partitions, finally contact Jialifu, the locker and toilet partition manufacturer. we are pleasure to provide them what they need.

Product Overview

Aqaba Lockers

Locker Details


Antique white for carcass, blue and green for doors;


13 mm HPL panel;


Pad lock, soft closing hinge, supporting feet;


Height: 2300 mm

Width: 1050/700/350 mm

Depth: 450 mm;


561 doors

Aqaba Toilet Cubicle

Details of Toilet Cubicle


Blue & green


Stainless steel hardware and aluminum head rail


12 mm HPL panel


Height: 2580 mm (including 150 mm supporting feet)

Depth: 1600 mm

Width: 3150 mm

Door: 800 mm*1820 mm

Quantity: 112 sets

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