Urinal Partitions for Male Restroom Privacy

Urinal partitions are usually found in male public restrooms for providing extra privacy when urinating.

Top light indicator system is a traffic coordination system for high traffic places which could let people know where to go. LED light in head rail sets off the condition of each cubicles and make people easily find out which cubicle is busy and which one is available. They could find a accessible toilet cubicle and avoid the embarrassing of knocking a occupied doors or missing a free doors.

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Solid Phenolic Urinal Partitions

Solid Phenolic

Kids HPL Urinal Partitions

Solid Phenolic Kids Partitions

HPL Honeycomb Urinal Partitions

HPL Honeycomb Panel

Urinal partitions are available in a variety of materials including Jialifu solid phenolic, HPL honeycomb panel.

Urinal partitions offers many different widths and height.

Jialifu standard size of HPL urinal partitions is in 900 mm height and 400 mm width.

The standard size of HPL honeycomb urinal partition is 900 mm height and 500 mm width.

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