Standard Storage Lockers with Key Locks

Standard storage lockers are suitable for high traffic places which needs a large amount of lockers. They are designed to be easy to install and maintain.  There are 3 kinds of materials available for standard storage lockers.  They are HPL (high pressure laminate), plywood and MDF (medium density fiberboard).  HPL offers the highest performance of holding screws, resistant to environment and service long among all the three kinds of boards.

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Storage lockers made by HPL is considered as the most durable. It is made of layers of kraft paper phenolic treated and decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. Beyond storage, HPL lockers with various colors available could also offers excellent decoration features.

HPL consist

Plywood is another material for making lockers. It is made by layers of wood veneers and density fibers and it’s real wood. So plywood locker usually gets a natural wood grain. Plywood Storage Lockers are not as durable as HPL lockers, but they are obviously cheaper than HPL.

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard and it is made of wood fibers. Compared to common particle board, MDF storage locker is heavier. More important, MDF lockers usually has a smooth surface, which make it easy to paint.

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Colors of HPL is different from plywood and MDF, if you need more information, contact Jialifu

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Key Lock

Number Plate


Coat Hook /Rod

1 Tier Locker

1-Tier Locker

2 Tier Locker

2-Tier Locker

3 Tier Locker

3-Tier Locker

4 Tier Locker

4-Tier Locker

5 Tier Locker

5-Tier Locker

6 Tier Locker

6-Tier Locker

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