Stainless Steel Metal Toilet Partitions

Stainless steel bathroom partitions get a flush finish at an affordable price. It is popular with specifiers and contractors for its metal luster, clean lines and flushed finishes.

  1. Free CAD drawings & 3D pictures & design plan
  2. Delivery quotation: 24-hour online service
  3. Available for customization
  4. Zero-Damage Delivery
  5. Convenient for installation and remove for its light weight.

Jialifu stainless steel restroom partitions is using a kind of composite panel. Different from most manufacturers using cardboard, Jialifu takes six-angular aluminum honeycomb as core, stainless steel and galvanized steel layers as cover, aluminum alloy profile as edge banding. The shiny smoothness and light weight are two outstanding features of the stainless steel honey comb panel.

Stainless Steel honeycomb panel is impervious from the water and fire, even scratches for deliberate vandalism can be removed by buffing.Thickness available in 18mm ,25mm and 40mm.

Stainless Steel Platinum Baking Varnish Series

Bright Pearl Series

Color Film Wooden Series

Color Film Marble Series

Head Rail Braced Style
Head Rail Braced Style

HPL partition in this style is popular among general building and modern buildings. It is created for high efficient installation.

Floor Anchored Style
Floor Anchored Style

The design of no head anchored increases the possibility of decoration to those complementary architectures.

Floor to Ceiling Style
Floor to Ceiling Style

The open style of this installation offers a unique blend of aesthetic and practical appeal. Without support leg, the cleaning and decoration will be much easier.

Ceiling Hung Style
Ceiling Hung Style

This style is the best choice for places which needs durable products. And it is also the most optimum selection for nobleness and steadiness.

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