School Toilet Cubicle for Pre-School and Nursery

Jialifu school toilet cubicles is designed for pre-schools and nurseries. Perfect for young age kids, school toilet cubicles performs well in practical and funny appearance. All the doors and partitions are finished with a half-round edge. So that our little users will not be harmed when using partitions.

  • 1. Free CAD drawings & 3D pictures & design plan
  • 2. Delivery quotation: 24-hour online service
  • 3. Available for customization
  • 4. Zero-Damage Delivery

Jialifu School toilet cubicles is made by HPL (high pressure laminate), also known as solid phenolic and compact laminate. As phenolic is available in various color and engraving patterns, Jialifu provides a colorful and imaginative solution to nursery and pre-school restroom.

Jialifu school toilet cubicles is resistant to water, impact, graffiti and bacteria. The special surface of compact laminate also make partitions easy to clean and maintain.

HPL consist
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Children loves colorful and interesting stuff. With a detailed drawing, Jialifu school toilet cubicles can be made in various shape. Combined with thousand of colors, it is a place full of color and imagination. You can choose a color and shape according to your facility.

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HPL partitions hardware are available from stainless steel, nylon and plastic.

Shoe Box

Locker Front

Locker Back

L Bracket

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