Wall Cladding System for Interior Wall Decoration

For aesthetic purpose, Jialifu Interior wall cladding is designed to provide a skin over walls. The pre-finished panels are suitable for both dry and wet environments.  They are usually applied for restrooms, hospitals and factories. Thickness available from 8 mm to 25 mm.

  • 1. Free CAD drawings & 3D pictures & design plan
  • 2. Delivery quotation: 24-hour online service
  • 3. Available for customization
  • 4. Zero-Damage Delievery
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Jialifu interior wall cladding is manufactured in a variety of colors and designs. Custom finishes resembling granite, marble, and other decorative surfaces may be produced. All products have an integral surface that is water repellent and stain resistant.

Interior Wall Cladding

Standard Color

Made to Order

Colors of HPL is different from plywood and MDF, if you need more information, contact Jialifu

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