Decorative Digital Print HPL Table

Jialifu decorative digital print HPL table could live up your indoor spaces with its various colors and finishes. It allows us to take total control of the production of the image you want on tables.  Restaurants, banquets and bars, the outdoor table tops could satisfy any decorating requirements and make your facility a amazing place. Choose Jialifu HPL table means you make a strong and sturdy choice.

  • 1. Free CAD drawings & 3D pictures & design plan
  • 2. Delivery quotation: 24-hour online service
  • 3. Available for customization
  • 4. Zero-Damage Delievery
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Jialifu decorative digital print table tops has various printed grains available. For interior use, compact laminate is regarded as one of the most strongest material for table tops. HPL is made of layers of kraft paper phenolic treated and decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. And it is resistant from burns, UV rats, stains, heat, and scratches.

HPL consist
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