Changing Room Partitions with Shower Divider Panel

Jialifu Changing room partitions with shower divider panel are functional and durable. Made with compact laminate and HPL-PVC materials, all partitions are extremely low maintenance, water, impact and graffiti resistant. Our panel comes out with various colors available.

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Perfect for changing room and public shower room, Jialifu changing room partitions with shower dividers are designed to resist the high traffic and wet environment. The unique design allows people changing cloth and take shower in same single cubicle without worrying about other’s sights. Optional divider between can be chosen from solid panel and curtain. proper gaps between partition panel to floor ensure the ventilation and draining.

Changing room partitions  can be made from HPL and Jialifu PVC panel.

Standard Shower Room
Changing Room Partitions
Changing Room Partitions with Shower Dividers
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Changing room partitions with shower dividers hardware are available from stainless steel, nylon and plastic.


Door Handle


Coat Hook

Support Leg

L Bracket

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Great Tube Top Bar

Tube Head Rail

Semicircle Tube

Head Rail Braced Style
Head Rail Braced Style

Changing room partitions in this style is popular among general building and modern buildings. It is created for high efficient installation.

Floor Anchored Style
Floor Anchored Style

The design of no head anchored increases the possibility of decoration to those complementary architectures.

Floor to Ceiling Style
Floor to Ceiling Style

The open style of this installation offers a unique blend of aesthetic and practical appeal. Without support leg, the cleaning and decoration will be much easier.

Ceiling Hung Style
Ceiling Hung Style

This style is the best choice for places which needs durable products. And it is also the most optimum selection for nobleness and steadiness.

Gyaneshwor Complex, Toilet Partitions in Nepal

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