Single Alcove Bathroom Partitions Toilet Cubicle Doors

Toilet cubicle doors is designed for bathroom in needless of additional pilasters. Side walls in some bathroom is made of bricks or concrete, traditional hardware are not capable for install additional doors on this type of public restroom.

With unique aluminum alloy door stop, providing steady structure and smooth line on cubicle appearance, it is obviously a perfect way to renovate your restroom.

  1. Free CAD drawings & 3D pictures & design plan
  2. Delivery quotation: 24-hour online service
  3. Available for customization
  4. Zero-Damage Delivery
  5. Convenient for installation and remove for its light weight.

Jialifu Toilet cubicle doors are usually applied for alcove bathroom partitions and aged restrooms. The thick side wall could offer a long time service, but lack of toilet cubicle doors will become a issue as the increasing needs of privacy among customers.

Then we come up with the unique toilet cubicle door for this kind of bathroom stall without doors. Materials for stall door is mainly 18 mm Jialifu compact laminate panel. Performs prefect in decorating and durability, compact laminate stands a cost-effective among most materials. Compared to standard toilet partitions, installation of toilet cubicle door could be extremely easy as most of hardware are invalid.

HPL consist
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The unique design of  door stop offers a beauty appearance of alcove bathroom partitions cubicle door and convenient of installation. Hardware available in black and white color.

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