June 5, 2018
Standard Locker Size Measurement

Standard Locker Size of School Lockers

School lockers are for storage and make the use of school space. So what is the standard locker size for school?   Standard Locker Size Where […]
June 4, 2018
High End Toilet Partitions

How to Prepare a High End Toilet Partitions

People are now changing their mind of bathroom decoration. So you might noticed that commercial and public decoration style are rarely used in new buildings. while […]
June 1, 2018
European American Style

European Style Toilet Partitions vs. American Style Toilet Partitions

Culture and history make things different between two regions. Just like Europe and North America, things like food, music, culture, and even the style of toilet […]
May 31, 2018

Toilet Cubicle for International Management Research Center, Nigeria

May 29, 2018
Gyaneshwor Complex

Gyaneshwor Complex, Toilet Partitions in Nepal

May 23, 2018
Toilet Partitions Design Style

Toilet Cubicle Height Determined by Design Style

What is the toilet cubicle height? To answer this question, we must figure out the following things: First we should figure out what elements effects a […]
May 22, 2018
Drawings and Dimensions

Toilet Cubicle Size for Regular Multi-Stall Restroom

Knowing the toilet cubicle size is the first thing we should do before we purchase. When we are looking for suppliers on website, we are easily […]